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2011-07-21 12:16 - My tweets
  • Wed, 20:35: RT @scalzi: Will be mildly surprised if that hurricane of the coast of western Mexico is not eventually dubbed "Dora the Destroyer."
2011-07-16 12:16 - My tweets
  • Fri, 18:24: We'll keep the booze but please send back the fucking Jem-hadar.
2011-07-10 12:16 - My tweets
  • Sat, 14:46: Offering a non-class-compliant USB MIDI interface for sale should be punished by something really nasty.
2011-07-04 12:16 - My tweets
2011-07-02 12:16 - My tweets
2011-07-01 12:16 - My tweets
2011-06-29 22:43 - Westercon travel
I want to hit In-N-Out and the Computer History Museum before heading to the con. The problem is that doesn't seem particularly doable on public transit. I can deal with the trip to the hotel to drop off my luggage, but then it's 90 minutes each way out to Mountain View.

Take a cab? Sounded like a good idea, at least one way, but from downtown to Mountain View would be $50 plus tip. That's not quite London-expensive, but a bit more than Boston.

So... pulled up the Hertz website, and for $60 plus gas I can have a car for the day, including LDW and the at-airport surcharge extortion. Drive to lunch and the museum; return at the downtown Hertz location, conveniently located in none other than the con hotel. Bonus: two hours of my life back. I think we've got a deal.
2011-06-27 12:16 - My tweets
  • Sun, 14:13: @Symantec's licensing portal lost my PGP license, called them and they're clueless. Will make a note to avoid their crap at work.
2011-06-26 12:16 - My tweets
  • Sat, 13:18: Seller of Ye Olde Turkey Legges at Richland renfaire unable to attend this wknd. :-[
2011-06-22 05:47 - My tweets
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